Bandwidth Manager and Firewall

Bandwidth Manager and Firewall is network management tool for internet gateway. It contains state firewall and traffic shaping features providing complete solution for managing network bandwidth and network security for small middle-size and large physical or virtual networks.

Network Topologies

Deployment on Windows Hyper-V Server. BMF can manage network traffic on virtual switches or on physical network card:Bandwidth Manager and Firewall on Windows Hyper-V Server

Deployment on internet gateway system with router configuration. BMF NAT is enabled:
Bandwidth Manager and Firewall with enabled NAT
Deployment on system with router configuration:
Bandwidth Manager and Firewall on router
Deployment on system with ethernet bridge configuration:
Bandwidth Manager and Firewall on ethernet bridge

Key Features

  • BMF reaches 2Gbit full-duplex throughput when it is configured ! See test results for maximal data flow.
  • Ability to deploy on Windows dedicated machine in router or ethernet bridge mode or on Windows Hyper-V Server.

Bandwidth Manager

  • Supported protocols Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, passive FTP, HTTP, SSL, P2P protocols
  • Limitation of bandwidth
  • Fair Usage Policy, Data Quotas, selected action on reaching data quota
  • Aggregation
  • Traffic Shaping by network address criteria like MAC address, IP address or other properties of client-server protocols
  • Traffic Shaping of HTTP connections by URL or SSL connections by server certificate subject
  • Traffic shaping by usernames, groupnames, OU names, computernames contained in Active Directory, Linux Samba NT domain or stand-alone servers
  • Scheduling filters for particular day or week period
  • VLAN support


  • Stateful Inspection Firewall for protocols TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS, passive FTP, HTTP, SSL, P2P
  • Packet filter for protocols Ethernet, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP, ICMPv6, DNS, passive FTP, HTTP, SSL, P2P
  • Maximal supported number of TCP/UDP connections 64000
  • DoS Attack Protection
  • NAT, Support for multiple NAT. Every NAT contains dedicated public address, private subnets and TCP/UDP statically mapped ports
  • Captive portal support
  • TCP connections redirection by client IP address and target TCP port
  • Maximal Number of connections per client
  • P2P protocols


  • Real-time monitoring of bandwidth usage in one-second interval
  • Real-time monitoring of TCP/UDP connections in one-second interval
  • Graphs for transferred data per time
  • Connections log for all supported state protocols TCP,UDP,DNS,FTP,HTTP,SSL,P2P
  • HTTP URL log
  • IDS log
  • Executing command line or sending email when data quotas are exceeded
  • Statistics: Filtering/sorting mode, graphs for transferred data

DHCP Server

  • Fully-featured DHCP server


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this FAQ for ?

This FAQ is for network administrators who looks for gateway software on Windows platform.

2. How this product can help to manage our network ?

Bandwidth Manager and Firewall provides central management of network bandwidth and network security for corporate or ISP network.

3. What makes this product is superior to similar products ?

  • Operation speed and state firewall. BMF is able to operate on Gigabit data flow and manage thousands of users.
  • Ability to deploy in ethernet brigde mode which has not impact on existing network topology and it is transparent for users. 
  • Managing network traffic on physical network card on Windows Hyper-V Server. It is transparent for virtual machines and it has not impact on existing virtual network topology.
  • Multiple NAT with several public IP addresses. 

4. Which computer is suitable for installation and trying ?

BMF is corporate product. Typical usage is installation on dedicated machine with two network cards or installation on Windows Hyper-V Server. Supported operating systems are Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or server versions Windows Server 2008R2/2012/2012R2/2016. Product is able to provide all features on non-server operating system so sufficient is to have license of client operating system. If you don’t want to change current IP topology use BMF on ethernet bridge placed between your current internet router and LAN switch. 

5. It is said that Windows is not stable operating system for continuous running and it does not provide such availability like other systems. How this product can manage reliability ?

Operating system on PC can provide as good availability as it’s administrator is able to setup. When Windows is carefully dedicated and prepared for BMF installation i.e. it has installed and activated minimum of services, it contains fresh service pack, Windows updates, quality network cards and hardware, updated drivers, it has not installed other software, it can provide high availability. We recommend to dedicate machine for BMF, mainly if network traffic and number of clients are high.

6. Where can I find more details about product ?

Download and read manual.

7. I’d like to try BMF. Where can I found it ?

30-day trial is possible to download from section: Download

8. What does it mean 10Mbit license, 100Mbit license and 1000Mbit license ?

License name determines maximal possible speed of network interface which may be configured in BMF. Installed BMF automatically bounds to all network interfaces. Every network interface can to provide some maximal possible speed. Properties window of ethernet card often contains property called: “Speed & Duplex” with possible values: 10Mbit Half/Full, 100Mbit Half/Full, 1000Mbit autonegotiated etc. For example if you have 100Mbit license and 1000Mbit network card then you must unbind BMF from this network interface or you must to lower maximal speed of such network interface to 100Mbit. Network interface which is unbound from BMF is functional and usable on network but it cannot be configured in BMF.

9. Can be Bandwidth Manager and Firewall used with similar products from other firewall vendors on the same machine ?

This product has not restrictions for using with other firewalls on the same machine. It was only roughly tested with some of them and we did not meet problems with exception of maximal speed. Windows firewall products usually does not reach so high speed like this product, result is that fast ethernet speed can not be reached and mostly it’s markedly lesser. Maybe you can meet some other problems, only way to know answer is to try it.

10. If I have some problem with Bandwidth Manager and Firewall, where I can put question ?

Put technical question to support email: , we can communicate through email, chat or we can help you by connecting to your machine through Remote Desktop to help resolve issue.